Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Epic Battles? Ragnarok Picnic Chessboard

Phew, what a mouthfull! Here are some dsi photos (bad quality) of some of the chess pieces im making for my alternative version of a raganrok style battle, but in the style of a picnic food fight. Or course
It will feature little paper versions of well known mythological characters as well as characters from popular culture such as FullMetal Alchemist and Mario.
Its gunna be a big project, but hopefully, a fun one!

Left to right- Zeus, Hades, Midguard Serpent and Fenrir


  1. Oh Magosh! Once finished we need to play an actual game of Chess with this!

  2. We so should! although it may be a bit hard to distinguish between king, queen etc.
    I may have to attend to that =D



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