Sunday, 27 February 2011

Design a Nyght's Tale Winners!

The lucky winners of my 'Design a Nyght's Tale' competition in which members of the RpgRevolution forums came up with designs for Weapons and Characters for my game, each one a thank you illustration of said design and will see there designs in the game and art that goes along with it!
All the designs were fab so even the ones that didnt win will find there way in the game somehow. =D

Winning Character design- Jaina designed by Hirei.

Winning Weapon design for Nyght- The ShellCane designed by Titanhex 

Winning Weapon design for Grulff- SpoonBalde by Harryb

All artwork is by me, but the concepts for the weapons or character are from who ive credited. 
The winners will also get an art for their games if they want it as an extra thank you. 

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