Monday, 7 February 2011

Nyght's Tale Character Competition

Got some awesome designs for the 'Design a Nyght's Tale' competition. Its basically a chance to see your character or weapon design in the game [and get a free digital sketch by me!]
You send an idea/concept for a weapon or character and i draw!
Check out the briefs here!

Nemus Design by Rob_Riv
Name - Nemus
Age - Unknown, comes across as young though, as he is adventurous.
Description - Nemus is a tree-like creature as when. He doesn't sound very old, but he has a wealth of knowledge about many of the dream worlds. This knowledge comes from when he lived in a forest and other DreamKnights used to rest up against him and talk with one another about their adventures. After hearing so much about these worlds, he decided that he would find a way to visit them for himself. Despite once being a large tree, he is much smaller now, the height of an average human at most.
Element (just say one, ill adjust it to the elements in the game) - Forest
Main colours - Brown and green, I guess. Tree colours.
Weapon - Hammer (like a giant wooden mallet) 

Shift Design by HarryB412
Age-Shift doesn't know, says he remembers 5 years.
Description- (include image if neccesary)Shift doesn't have an appearance, it changes depending on what Dream World it is in. That's another thing about Shift, due to not having a set form it is neither male nor female. It's voice changes with it's form. Sometimes feminine sometimes masculine. Shift is interested in Nyght's quest and decides that it may be fun to follow him around, Shift has never been across different Dream Worlds before and so is shocked when it changes shape. When entering a new Dream World Shift's true form can be briefly seen, it is a black cloud with shining white eyes, it's shape is that of someone dressed as a ghost with a blanket over their head.
Element (just say one, ill adjust it to the elements in the game)- Normal, element may change depending on the Dream World to match the environment.
Main colours- Depends on Dream World,
Weapon (ie, sword, hammer etc)- Sharpened Rod. Made from a lightweight, but strong, black material the Sharpened Rod is exactly that. A rod that is sharpened down one side, except for a bit at the end which is left a cylinder shape so that it can be held.

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