Saturday, 10 September 2011

May justice strike true!

Here is my contribution to an initiative to send Superman art to a vulnerable guy in America, who had his whole comic collection stolen.
I really feel from him, he didnt deserve to have the stuff that made him so happy, taken away. I really hope this gets to him! 


  1. How can I help you get your drawing to Mike? I'm in the U.S. I'm going to be sending him a couple of Superman t-shirts myself. I have a Kodak color printer and could print this out and send it, if that's what you would like. Credited to you, of course!

  2. Thank you so much! That would be very awesome if ya did!
    Id love that it actually got to him, so yeah thankies!
    If write something like 'Wishing you all the best from Toby Allen in the UK', that'd be fab! Just so he knows where Its come from =D
    He's going to be so pleased bless him! =D

  3. I'd be happy to. No problem! I'll let you know when I send it, Toby.

  4. Toby, would you like me to write your "To Mike Meyers--Wishing you the best from Toby Allen in the UK" on the art in my best handwriting? I propose adding the date (your choice of the date; if you don't indicate, I'll use the one from September 10th, when I answered to your request for help from the blogsophere).

    I printed a copy of the image I captured from your blog in "best quality", and it came out nice. Short of using a higher-quality digital file, I'm thinking you'd like it. I have to get a cardboard and page sleeve to keep it nice for shipping.

    Also, I added the "To Mike Meyers" part because I figured it made sense to customize the dedication to please Mike. And I hope it also pleases you!

    Let me know about your preferences on the "actually writing on the printout" stuff, please, before I send. Also, I figured I'd do the writing on the top right of the drawing, where there's a void space. If you would prefer I do it bottom right, I'll do it there instead. (I'll make sure it doesn't run over the top of your signature area.)

    Let me know before I send out tomorrow (Tuesday), OK? Otherwise I'll decide for you! It'll be tasteful, but if you prefer it be done differently than I propose, I need you to let me know ASAP.

  5. Yes yes, good idea! Thank you, that'd be very helpful indeed, and im sure he'd like it more directed to him. =D
    Im sure it looks great as is, better then my efforts at printing probably. I cant thank you enough for helping!
    Top right sounds great!
    Oh just realized ur email.. i send this there =D



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