Sunday, 13 March 2011

Treasure Island Animation

Ive spent my weekend making 9 characters from Treasure Island using Super Sculpey.
The characters all have separate heads and arms [attached with blu tak] so that they can be put into various positions. They'll be used at my mum's school Bishop Bronescombe in Cornwall, and the kids in class 9 will make a little animation of Treasure Island using my models.
I was asked by the teacher and my mum [who works as a HL Teaching Assistant] to make the models and only have the weekend to do it, so they're not as clean or amazing as I would like. But nevertheless, Im rather proud of them, considering I made all 9 of them in such a short time.
If I had more time, I'd had like to of made little joints in the arms and legs to make them more posable and sturdy, but alas I couldn't.
The finished animation will be shown at the local White River Cinema in St.Austell Town centre on 28th March at a little film festival the school is running.
Hopefully Ill get a copy of the animation.. Shame I cant go an see it [and all the little films the classes are making].. I have uni on that monday...

A few poor quality photos...

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