Friday, 15 April 2011

A Nyght's Tale doodles

All I seems to be doing art wise at the moment, is uni work and commissions. 
Both time consuming and draining. 
I thought it about time I have am evening to myself and produce some personal
works. Hopefully Ill update this post with art as it is completed.

Heres a concept map of the dreamworlds in 'A Nyght's Tale', a little doodle to flesh out the ideas I have
 for the worlds in which the game takes place.
First one is the Umber Forest, a flaming forest. Then the Ashern Wastes, a pale white desert. 
Then the Floating Spires, a series of levitating mountains. Then the Pristine Lake, a beautiful lake which lays home to the Patopato clan [they're basically giant ducks]. The last dreamworld is the Dark Citadel, a frozen city surrounded by a forest of icicles. 
There is a Dreamworld Core, but its nothing too special so I didnt bother drawing it.

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