Monday, 16 May 2011

Howl's Moving Castle

Since I first saw the Studio Ghibli film, Ive loved 'Howl's Moving Castle' and it has to be my favourite film.
Its my birthday soon, and although I did used to have the DVD, it was sadly lost and i mean lost...
However, all I want for my birthday is Ghibli's Howl's Moving Castle, and that's what I getting!
I recently read the wonderful book by Diana Wynne Jones [which the film was based on], and it really rekindled my love for the Film. I cant wait to watch it again!

I want to produce a series of illustrations based on the book, and for nostaglia sake [of the film] I post some inspirations and unique and beautiful works by others, based upon the tale...

This is a fantastic illustration and really supports the Calcifer from
the books. I do love the Calcifer in the films, but its not at all like
how is looks in the book. 
I love it!

This is such a fantastic rendition of Howl, and it captures the characters
of Elderly Sophie and Howl so well! I love his costume especially,
reminds me alot of disney.

Again, reminds me of disney. And I just love the design! 
Its just how I imagine things when I read the book.

My favourite scene from the film. I remember it bringing a tear to my
eye when ever I saw it. So happy, and just shows how much of 
a journey they went on, and how it was worth it.
The artist here has a very lovely painterly style that reflects the 
anime, but in a different way. 

Screencap from the film.
I love Markl [Micheal in the books], TurnipHead and the
Man-Dog all the same! There characters are so different in the book!
TurnipHead gives sophie a heart attack! =S

I dont own the images, I am merely sharing them as I love them! =D


  1. Was that 'lost' thing my fault? D: I swear, it wasn't me! The TV ate it!

  2. No, I dont think you've borrowed it. Mum lost it at school i believe. =D



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