Saturday, 3 September 2011

Mysterious Jungle Pony

My Entry for this week's Illustration Friday, 'Mysterious'.

Klyde the baby Orangutan and Simian the Snake, stumble across a very mysterious sight in the jungle...
A Pony. 
Now of course Klyde and Simian have never seen a Pony before, and really dont know what to make of it! 

My first go at a childrens story book style illustration. Its supposed to look as if its right out of a book.

[Theres a little story behind this one...
I asked my 11 year old cousin, 'What would you be if you were a Jungle animal?'  
She said 'A Horse'...
Bless her!
So I had to do an illustration about Klyde meeting a horse in the middle of the jungle!]

©Toby Allen 2011


  1. Very nice! I love the way you've laid out the spread!

  2. Thank you! Its the first time ive done something as 'proper' as this!

  3. Beautiful! Really looks like it's straight out of a children's book. Fun!

  4. Oh I love this, so fantastic!



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