Saturday, 8 October 2011

IF- Contraption

My entry for Illustration Friday this week.
Its a 3d relief concertina book, with a continuous illustration running through it. The mice and a few of the cogs stick out from the background to create a nice feel of depth.
It isn't supposed to be a sequential image, just one long one. It fold up nicely and is secured by a little paper 'ribbon'.

The little purple mice are having lots of fun!


I also made this one, as a gift for a great friend! It involves two characters she made up with me on the train one day. 
The comic is read from the outside in. [Read the first page, then the last, then the second, second to last and finally the middle one.]
[Click to see it bigger!]


  1. what a cute and creative idea :)

  2. This is excellent! What a great idea and sweet illustration of those fun purple mice moving all over the book..great job!!



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