Saturday, 11 February 2012

Character Development

Me and my cousin are developing a story idea I've had for a long time, called 'A Nyght's Tale'. The characters were created ages ago but the story had never been fleshed out properly. 
As I said the story is being written fully and will hopefully be put forward in some form in the future, either in a comic form or a game or something.

Anyway, I've been working on the character designs and discovered my characterization and character development has come on a lot recently.

Nyght the main character. How he looks in the real world (left) 
and how he looks in the dreamworld. (right)

Grulff, Nyghts companion. Dreamworld form (left) and real
world form. (right)

Nyght works in a coffee shop.

Grulff in his ogre form. 

Character designs (c) Toby Allen 2012

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