Saturday, 3 March 2012

IF- Intention

It was my intention to draw something 'Cthulhu' related this week, and
I was hoping to do something a little spooky. (sketched below to proove this) However, the result
 is much cuter than anticipated. Never mind, we shall call him 'Son of Cthulhu'.

The main idea behind this illustration was that this cute little 'Cthulhu' like
character isn't quite as scary of in fact evil as he should be, and so he is constantly 
being reminded of his horrible heritage.
Why can't a Cthulhu grow up in a normal life, go to school and become
a scholar? He only has good intentions.

Its nice to bring out the watercolours again. 
Oh and my current reading of 'The Call of Cthulhu and other wierd tales' is
to blame for this. I've finally discovered Lovecraft! 

Concept illustration for the cute little Cthulhu

Sketches for a meaner and more Lovecraft cthulhu

And then I unleashed the cute! hehe


  1. Nice work - I like your use of watercolors. He is cute, so good move on making him the son! :)

  2. Really nice! Love the way you use watercolor! Cool!

  3. This is great! He is definitely more cute than scary, but I like it. I love the border with the watercolour splotching off of the page. I also really like how you handled the white glow of the lamp.

  4. Beautiful work with the watercolors! And yup - he's cute!!

  5. I want to hug this little critter and send that lurking octopus packing. Really nice composition, and your watercolor looks terrific. I had a lovely stroll through your blog and really enjoyed your art.



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