Thursday, 24 May 2012

Monsters with Hats

My latest uni project has consumed my life for the past month or so.. if not more.
Its been fun but Ill be glad when its all handed in on Monday 28th! (which is also my 21st birthday!)

Its a handmade concertina book, made to sell at the summer show at Plymouth College of Art. Their is a standard version (with the envelope) and a special edition that comes with a box and 2 badges, as well as being hard-bound!
There is also a bonus mini book called 'En Gateau!' 

(A business card is also thrown in, that's the 4 paneled thing)


  1. this is really cool do you have it online to buy ?your style is wicked :D

    1. Thanks Caela!
      It will be on sale (online) soon, I dont want to do so while its going to be marked and while its on sale at my uni, but it will be avaliable during summer! =D



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