Thursday, 30 June 2011

The New Kids on the Block

My modern take on the traditional 'RPG' party.
Left to Right-
Bard- Afro-caribbean music mojo. He only needs to play a tune to send the
 monsters on their way.
Cleric- Think of Glee's 'Quinn'. She the celibacy queen, and knows how 
to use her rosary beads to good effect. 
Hero- Lightsaber wielding hipster. 
Mage- Card slinging goth girl, at one with all things anti-christ.
Brute- High school jock, has a thing for shooting baseballs at his opponents.. 
Using a bazooka.

Gosh it took ages to do! Im not to happy overall..
 I think I need to look at it with fresh eyes...

Drawn traditionally, scanned in and coloured with photoshop.

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