Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Various Fanart of Okami.
Its such a beautiful game with a beautiful art style. It inspires me to draw every time I play.
The first one is Amaterasu, the main character.
Second one is my character Grulff, but in an Okami style.
The last one is a scene from the game, when Amaterasu howls to the moon and blossom 
flies across the screen. It was a very wonderful scene, I had to try and
replicate it.

All done with a brush pen and watercolour. 
The final one had colours added on photoshop.


  1. This is amazing Zesty!! You really nailed the style!

  2. I loved the game Okami for the game play and the art. I have the art of book here at home.

  3. Its one of my all time faves for sure!
    Jelous! I really want the art book... but its soo expensive!

  4. It was a birthday present from my husband I'm easy to shop for now just get me an art of book :)



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