Thursday, 1 December 2011

Attack of the Mushroom Fairies!!!

Oh yes! The Mushroom Fairies are officially back! Woohoo!
Ive decided to start creating actual characters for the story, which will hopefully
make itself into a storybook. 
This mustached shroom is the Shroom Father, who takes in fallen mushroom fairies
when they have fallen from the sky. He's kind of like Fagin from Oliver's Twist.. 
But much less creepy

Two unnamed characters. I don't know If they are actually part of the story yet.
They might just be random fairies at the moment.

I think this is the main character... He has no name as of yet.
Or much of a story, but it involves this star I think.

Click this little one to see it move!!!! Woo!

All artwork copyright to me, Toby Allen!

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