Saturday, 7 January 2012

Quail Scented

Ive been getting in the print-based mood and come up with a collection
of greetings cards and bookmarks, that I am calling 'Quail Scented'.

I love Quails and so everything in this collection with be related to the
wonderful, cute birdies. Also everything is slightly 3d and relief. 

Happy Quail-Day Greetings-
A quail-day is like a birthday, but quail scented...

3d relief bookmarks

I also got into book binding again, and made this for my friends birthday present.
I always make her something for her birthday so I thought I make
something useful this time, a handmade notebook!
Its about A6 in size. 

With tea stained paper [I love tea-staining!]

Oh look... Its a bookmark!

This Quail-Scented collection will grow in time to include more card designs and other
print based goods. They will be on sale eventually.
 Stay tuned Quail fans! =D

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